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How To Make Additional Revenue As A Realtor By Selling New Homes

Let’s face it. Real estate is often a feast or famine industry. There are going to be times when your business gets stuck in a rut. When that happens, having additional sources of revenue can be a very good thing. Some brokerages, us included, spend quite a bit of time and energy developing programs, services, and internal divisions that assist agents in developing these additional revenue streams. While the options offered tend to vary greatly from company to company, they often include things like incoming and outgoing referrals, eLeads departments, relocation, and more. One of the ways that we, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group, provide our agents with the opportunity to make additional income is through our New Homes Specialist program. The goal? Bridging the gap between the builders who are creating the homes and the agents who can sell them. Participating in the program is simple for our agents! All that’s required is attending a training course, which we host multiple times each year. During the course, agents gain critical knowledge that helps them better advocate for their customers when purchasing a new home directly from a builder or developer. After the course is successfully completed the agents earn a new designation and the ability to earn an additional 1% on any future deals with participating builders. Great, right? What’s better, the training is designed to enhance the agent’s knowledge of the new construction industry, making them even more marketable to potential future customers. The training includes information on:
  • the construction process
  • new home financing
  • how to negotiate with new home builders
  • new construction contracts
  • the critical path of a transaction
  • and more!
This is just one of the programs we’ve made available to our associates to help them enhance their business and ensuring their future success. What does your brokerage offer? Remember, not all brokerages are created equal. Some companies offer more, some less. Which of those companies you affiliate with is completely up to you! Just make sure your evaluation process includes more than just questions about office or desk fees and your commission split. There are many more ways that your brokerage of choice can help you build both your business, and your bank account.
Stephanie Streeter

Stephanie Streeter

In her role as our Digital Strategist, Stephanie puts her sexy brain to use coming up with creative solutions to everyday challenges. Our very own Wonder Woman speaks geek and puts her skills to work in the form of web wizardry and social media magic on a daily basis. An unconventional mix of left-brain analytical thinking and right-brain creativity, Stephanie loves laughter and all things crafty. She’s an admitted perfectionist when it comes to her work and is widely known for always greeting dogs before people.

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