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We know leads are important to you, so we’re here to help.

Generating leads is a large portion of your real estate business, and something that we help with! Between our local, dedicated Business Development and Relocation team and the national Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network, we are constantly cultivating relationships with hundreds of lead sources, brokerages and agents internationally. You also hold the power to generate your own leads through a multitude of methods while using the tools and resources we provide you!


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The OpCity referral database is based on a smart lead assignment system using an algorithm to match agents via text messaging. Consumers are contacted by OpCity before you accept the lead via text messaging. Once you connect with the lead please know you may reach out to our Business Development Manager to help coach you toward conversion. The benefit to OpCity is that OpCity will reach out to the consumer 26 times before you receive the referral! So you receive the referral as a warm lead. Every lead is an opportunity – whether $50,000 or $500,000 every lead is an opportunity to grow your business! Call, keep calling, and send a card. Make yourself memorable. Be the CEO of your business.

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PrimeStreet is a lead source that matches transaction-ready consumers to real estate agents like YOU! PrimeStreet speaks to each customer prior to reaching out to us. When PrimeStreet speaks to the customer, they determine if they are in a position to connect to an agent, they confirm the client is looking for a property to sell or buy, not rent, and that the customer is looking to move forward in the next 6 months. Agents connect and stay connected through the PrimeStreet app. The app contains all of the clients information so it is quick and easy to reach out. PrimeStreet requires at least 7 closings in the last 12 months and 1 if you have the closings but are new to the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices family.

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There are other resources you may or may not know of when you have a customer interested in renting only. We work with a company called Home Partners of America. This is an excellent program that allows your customer to rent and you to receive a commission. Know that an investor will purchase the home selected that your buyer may be interested in and you still receive the full commission that the listing agent is offering. Then your buyer can rent the home from Home Partners of America with the ease of knowing they have the option to buy for up to five years. If they choose not to, there is no penalty to walk away. This is a great option if your buyer is working on their credit, or is new to the area or just not quite ready for a home purchase. The great news is you still receive a full commission.

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HomeStory is a digital real estate program offered by lenders to their existing customers to help them with all of their real estate needs including home buying, selling and financing. HomeStory offers their customer a reward after closing, and a private platform for the agent, the customer and their lender to communicate. HomeStory requires 3+ years as a full time real estate agent, a minimum of 5 closed transactions in the last 12 months, minimum of $1M in sold volume, you must maintain over 90% Customer Satisfaction rating with HomeStory, and meet performance and conversion guidelines.

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There are even more great referrals to talk about! Rocket Homes is yet another line of business available to you. Be sure to connect with the banker coordinator first so that you are speaking from a knowledgeable standpoint before connecting with the customer. Your Business Development Manager is available to help coach you with Rocket Homes or address any issues or concerns you may have.

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There are some requirements for being on the corporate relocation referral team which include a minimum of $3M in sold volume, 10 closed transactions and 3 outgoing referrals sent. We work with a company called Brookfield Global Relocation Services (BGRS) that requires their certification modules be completed to be on the relocation team. If this is something you would be interested in now or down the road please know we have a robust volume of relocation third party business.

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Some great opportunity awaits you in your current sphere of influence. One of the remarkable ways you are able to build your business is through direct business. Let’s say for example, you just closed a deal or walked away from a networking event and you learned that a company is not using Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group exclusively; please know you may connect with our Corporate Services Manager. She is available to partner with you to share an overview of our menu of services to the corporate client you have an established relationship with. If this client is interested in using us exclusively, you will receive each opportunity first and in the event you are not able to work the lead you will receive a referral fee! Remember you are one person and we have an entire Business Development department available to you for Moving Services, Career Placement Assistance, Providing a Relocation Package, ensuring they receive a smooth and seamless move and assisting with any temporary housing they may require.



If you have an outgoing referral to place, have no fear! We have your back. You can get the link to submit your referral from our intranet on the agent help site under referrals. Our Business Development Department will ensure that your referral is placed with the best fit agent and track the referral from start to finish. We have you covered! We consistently track all referrals in our system to ensure that every referral is paid in a timely manner.

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Website leads are another very important lead source for you! These leads mean the customer has done their homework and researched every brokerage and they have decided they want to work with us, but they just don’t have an agent yet. We have a very important job with these leads to uphold the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices name! These clients have reached out via our main Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices website and are getting their search started.

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We use a unique lead distribution and lead management system that captures internet leads and routes them directly to an agent via email and text. Each agent has the ability to select six zip codes in your kvCORE account. The leads captured from internet sites including your brand website, our International Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices site, our local Florida Properties Group website, and sites like Realtor.com are routed directly to agents based on the zip code of the property inquiry. You can start to receive these automatically routed leads directly to your phone from day one! Accepted leads are added to your client database (CRM) within kvCORE to make it simple and easy to follow up, send marketing materials, email property information, and setup property searches and market updates. Our goal is to help keep your business pipeline full and give you the tools to incubate, convert and close online leads.





The following sources are those where you’ll physically see, speak, visit, or build a relationship with. The more personal and human you can be, the more successful you will be in real estate!

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Always begin here first. This is your strongest source of leads and referrals. Always be adding to your list. This is your warm leads – people who know you, friends, family, business associates. If you don’t have a comprehensive database – this should be at the top of your to-do list!

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Joining professional organizations offer opportunities for broker-to-broker referrals, and networking that helps build your business.

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Social clubs that interest you are one of the best ways to meet new people and promote your real estate business! You’ll have a whole group of raving fans in no time!

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Some of our most successful agents focus on community involvement and social interactions. Have fun, follow your passion, make connections and build your business!

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Holding open houses is a great way to engage with buyers and to connect with sellers looking to put their home on the market. Be sure to capture email addresses of visitors through your kvCORE Open House App, your digital open house sign in sheet, which places these leads directly into your kvCORE CRM. Then put these new prospects on drip email systems such as Ninja Flow or set them up with market reports to stay engaged with them!

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Answering phones and being available for walk-ins in your office is a tried and true way to capture leads. Engage with your caller or the customer right in front of you! Remember, you are not there to sell a house from this interaction, you are there to set an appointment for you to show or list a home!

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If you have children in school, there are a ton of ways to connect and build your sphere. Get involved with your child’s home room. Volunteer. Be a sponsor of school events. Take classes of your own. All great ways to expand your sphere and develop new business.

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Many of our agents have used educational seminars to attract interested home buyers and sellers. From medical residents looking for homes, to buyers looking for more information on financing and credit repairs, the opportunities are endless! Pair up with one of our Core Services to set up an educational seminar. Then advertise on social media, in newspapers and send out evites to your SOI.

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Prospecting is key to running a successful real estate business. Use any of these tools or ideas for an active pipeline of steady business.

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This is a communication tool that ‘sends’ or ‘drips’ a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. Both your kvCORE Smart CRM and Marketing REsource tools are great sources for this inexpensive way to market to your SOI.

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Drive prospects to your website through social media, drip email, and digital advertising. Your Florida Properties Group Agent Website can track visitor activity and identify hot prospects to reach out to for building your business!

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Surveys for all levels of agents cite Facebook as their primary source, as well as their best source, for online lead generation. Facebook offers a massive amount of traffic generating immediate results. For tutorials go to www. facebook.com/business. There are other social media platforms that could work for you! Instagram and LinkedIn are two others to consider.

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Expensive but effective because it is search based marketing allowing you to get in front of people actively looking for homes and agents. When done correctly the ROI can be very high. Google has tutorials online for Adwords at support.google.com/ adwords. For videos go to: http://bit.ly/29qmqcb

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These ads from bhhsresource.com show up in the apps that your target audiences are on wherever they may be. Set parameters for demographics, zip code or a map area. Ad space is auctioned off to your provider who places your ads in the most cost-effective apps at the most optimal times based on your investment. Through geofencing (pinpointing all users that have entered a pre-defined area) and geo-targeting (tailored messages to targeted users based on a broader location at a given time), you can get very specific with your target audience.

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There are endless ways to purchase digital ads on the internet. From banner ads, to Pay-Per-Click ads, to online ads, to pop-up ads, the choices are endless. For the latest information on the digital ad format that interests you, you will want to research it on the web and be prepared to test variants of your ad format and placement to optimize your ROI! Chalk Digital is a great place to go to start your digital ad campaigns!

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By choosing your ‘farm’ area intelligently, and marketing to it consistently with Market Reports, a personalized BMA, postcards, and good old-fashioned door to door campaigns, you can build a strong and steady stream of leads!

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Marketing to ‘For Sale By Owners’ is a great way to get new listings. Search for FSBO listings that have been on the market for several months and offer them valuable information through a personalized BMA. Be a true resource to them – sellers might be looking for assistance!

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Expired listings, those that failed to sell, are also a great source of new business. Have a packet of USEFUL information about yourself, your service, and your company, ready to go. We suggest using a custom BMA and the Lifestyle & Planning Guide! Make sure you knock on the door of the expired listing and personally introduce yourself! Keep it brief, and leave behind your packet of info. Then follow up by mail and with phone calls!

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The 50 Just Listed postcards we mail out on your behalf are a great lead source for buyers and sellers alike. You can take it a step further by mailing out an additional 50 postcards to reach more households and harvest more potential leads!

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Farming apartment complexes is a unique niche. Marketing campaigns could be targeted to renters as first time homebuyers, making a non-threatening transition to homeownership through HomePartners of America, or a variety of other approaches!

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We’ve got a non-occupant owner letter you can use to market to these individuals. You can use MLS tax records to find these absentee owners and then customize the letter we have available to you!

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General advertising to promote yourself as a real estate agent or any current listings you may have to market is a great way to grow your business. These tactics usually come with a cost, but that’s the price of doing business. 

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While it may be hard to measure the ROI (Return- On-Investment) for billboard advertising, it is a great way to get your name and face in front of thousands of viewers. Pick a place where traffic backs up, and people will turn to your billboard to entertain themselves while they are stuck in traffic.

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Radio and Podcast ads deliver sound bites to a large audience. Combining that ad with a radio hosts endorsement can be very persuasive to loyal listeners.

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Bus-stops and grocery stores offer a variety of advertising opportunities to showcase yourself and your brand.

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Advertising in newspapers and other community print magazines are a great way to get your name, face, brand and listing in front of a large number of people.

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While generally more expensive print advertising than newspapers, these local community magazines have a longer shelf life.

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Prestige Magazine is Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ proprietary publication reserved for luxury properties. Print advertising does come with a price, but you can market your seller’s listing in this global publication to gain traction and potential leads from a domestic and international audience.

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