Being a part of Real Estate’s FOREVER Brand will launch your real estate business and keep it going, forever.


Presentation MATTERS. We realize that not everyone is a graphic designer, or a photographer, or a web designer. That’s why we provide you with completely branded, creative, fun, and informative marketing materials! Our goal is to make YOU look good, always.

Making your customers experience top notch, is what will separate you from the average Joe agent. Not only do we provide marketing materials… but we also have notecards, email templates, buyer & seller kits, and so much more – all available at your fingertips! Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. Relationship first… transaction later.

woman with red hair in blue shirt smiling and shanking hands at cafe


Whether you know it or not, real estate is not just a sales position. It’s a relationship-based profession. You are in the business of relationships and staying in touch is key! Lucky for you, we are a Ninja company which means we focus extra hard on making sure you are equipped to keep up with your relationships.


If you really want to make an impact, write a hand-written note card and pop it in the mailbox. What a simple way to differentiate yourself from the rest! We suggest to aim to send two cards a day, whether it’s someone’s birthday, a previous customer’s “Homeiversary” or it’s a “just because” card! We’ve got a greeting card for you to use no matter the occasion!

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The quintessential email is another way to make sure you don’t miss out on staying in touch with your database. We have a really cool feature in our CRM that allows you to plug in special details such as a customer’s birthday or their anniversary date. Then there is a drip campaign that you can set up so an email automatically gets sent out when the special day occurs! Boom – another way you are staying top of mind and it’s done for you.


Your kvCORE Smart CRM and Marketing REsource accounts give you access to a plethora of eCards for any occasion when you want to send a one-off email to your database. These are great for holidays such as Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving!


Within OUR kvCORE Smart CRM and Marketing REsource are real estate related newsletters you can send to your database. This way you can stay top of mind and truly be their trusted advisor by supplying them with relevant real estate information.

I had tons of responses from the 1st ninja flow email of the year! Thank you all for everything you do for us ninjas and soon to be ninjas!

Sean Swauger


Alright, so this is a really cool feature we have set up. Ninja Flow is a piece of the bigger Ninja puzzle to staying top of mind. Each year, we create over 12 emails in a drip campaign to spark a conversation with your database. There’s even a way to set your entire database up on this plan one time and anyone who is added to your database will also begin to receive these emails.


two planning guides for real estate consumers


Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ Real Estate and Lifestyle Planning Guide helps consumers think more strategically about real estate and real estate decisions. Agents may share the guide with clients and prospects and use the guide to assess clients’ present and future lifestyles and the considerations for life changes. In the process, agents position themselves to provide advice and assistance throughout clients’ lives. 

There are also condensed, 4-page brochures that cover specific topics within the Lifestyle and Planning Guide. If you want to take it a step even further, there is supporting social media collateral complete with videos, graphics and captions so you can engage your audience in the best way possible. That’s a FOREVER Agent.

berkshire hathaway homeservices forever agent marketing video on laptop computer screen


The more consumers recognize and respect a real estate brand- and the brokerages that bear its name – as representing their needs forever, the more significant meaning will be placed on the concept of a “real estate agent for life.” To create lasting, forever value within a brand or brokerage means doing a whole lot more. Specifically, we must persuade consumers that our culture is an extension of the forever concept and, as trusted advisors, we extend value, skills and advice not only before or after a transaction, but also throughout a client’s entire life. There are supporting graphics and videos you can use to influence this train of thought with your sphere and consumers! That’s a FOREVER Agent.


We’ve got the tools and resources for you to help build the relationship with buyers and sellers alike. From physical pieces to auto emails informing them on what their home is worth, you have a way to provide value and build trust.


Customize your own door hangers and have them professionally printed so you can have quality presentation.


The classic open house registration sheet, a great way to collect your open house guest’s information and follow up with them!


The best way to build credibility and trust is by supplying your database with information they ACTUALLY want to know… their home’s value in the current marketplace! Buyside allows you to send a monthly automatic email to homeowners so they can stay in the know on their home’s value and what’s happening in their surrounding marketplace.


The pre-listing questionnaire is the perfect way to start off a seller’s journey with you. According to a survey, 86% of sellers said the number one factor in choosing their agent was that they understood their needs. The questions on this sheet allow you to get to know the seller, their goals, and their home. All of this information really comes in handy when it comes to the marketing presentation so you can be sure to hit on their “pain points”.


The buyer profile sheet is the perfect way to start off a buyer’s journey with you. The questions on this sheet allow you to get to know the buyer, their goals, financial situation and overall expectations. All of this information really comes in handy when it comes to finding the potential homes you want to show them to get them to homeownership quicker.


A compelling non-occupant owner letter is a crucial component of prospecting. Many, if not all, out of state owners do not know our local market statistics and what the true value of their property is today. Your letter will provide valuable information as to why NOW might be the best time for them to sell and cash in their equity. By providing local market stats such as low listing inventory, high buyer demand, increasing home values and including an estimate on their net proceeds, will demonstrate to the owner you are the local market expert for the job!

real estate agent presenting information to home owner in dining room nook


What is this term we speak of? A real estate review is a way for you to give anyone who is a homeowner an annual market update and how their home is “performing”. They are essentially an unsolicited CMA.

Why would you prepare a CMA for someone who doesn’t want to sell their home? A real estate review shows the homeowner how knowledgeable you are and it keeps you top of mind for when they do want to sell or have a referral to send your way.

We provide you the key pieces to put together a thoughtful, powerful and polished presentation, including:

  • Presentation Covers to coil bind your CMA/documents
  • Real Estate Lifestyle and Planning Guide to go over their goals and be their FOREVER Agent
  • Branded notecards so you can follow up with that personal touch!


We know when it comes to the presentation, you need to have the materials ready for you to use that reflect the integrity of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices brand AND makes you look really good. From Buyers and Sellers Guides {in English and Spanish} to Luxury Kits to checklists, we’ve got you covered.


Whether it’s a coil bound CMA or a pocket folder of important documents, we have sleek, branded Marketing Folders and Presentation Covers for you to use no matter the occasion!


Our 6 Steps to a Successful Purchase and 6 Steps to a Successful Sale Guides are a must when you are presenting your value to potential customers. These are readily available for you to customize in your MADI account and take to an appointment.

“I get calls all the time from brokers who claim to ‘let me keep all my commissions.’ I have been in the business long enough to know that someone has to pay ordinary business cost and marketing. I want that to be part of my split so there are no surprises.”

Lorna Short

open magazine mock up with real estate buyers guide pages shown


One of our most prized pieces, the Buyer’s Guide. What sets our guide apart from others in the marketplace is the overall language and goal behind the guide. It’s very consumer centric, meaning the guide does a lot more talking about how you as an agent will help the buyer achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. This guide is available in a printed format complete with pockets for you to include any additional documents when you take it to your buyers.

open magazine mock up with real estate sellers guide pages shown


Similar to the Buyer’s Guide, our Seller’s Guide is also one of our most prized pieces. We are all about the seller’s experience and exceeding their expectations, so this guide has been crafted to focus on the seller. This guide is available in a printed format complete with pockets for you to include any additional documents when you take it to your sellers.

spanish real estate consumer marketing materials


We wanted to make sure each of our most essential materials were available to you in both an English and Spanish version. When it came to the Spanish materials, we worked with a group of our agents who come from different parts of the world to make sure the tone and overall feel mimiced our English versions. We are happy to offer a Spanish version of the Buyer’s Guide, Seller’s Guide, 6 Steps Guides, and Presentation Covers!


Yeah, we can be extra… in a good way, of course!

checklist clipboard icon


Deliver and dazzle your sellers with your custom Marketing Protocol Sheet tailored to their property and how you’ll get them that magical four letter word: SOLD.

person near event booth icon


If you have a booth at a local community event we can help you stand out with event display materials! Each office has access to a branded cabernet tablecloth and we have a tabletop display you can set up.

printer icon


Xpressdocs is the national partner of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices for all things printing. Any templates available to print in Marketing REsource can be sent over to Xpressdocs to professionally print and/ or mail for you! You can also access Xpressdocs through your Cab Corner account and customize any of the available templates.

beach umbrella icon


Tampa Bay is an incredible place to live! Okay, so maybe we’re a little biased. But, hey… That doesn’t mean that it’s not true! We created a Relocation Guide for you to use to provide buyers when coming to tour the place we all love to call home! This 128 page guide focuses on how newcomers would Live, Work and Play in Tampa Bay. Reach out to our Relocation Department to get your hands on a copy.

document icon


When you walk into a marketing presentation, this is something you can use to showcase the team you have behind you and the support you can offer your customer! 92% of consumers said they want to work with a brokerage that has everything under one roof. This is a fantastic way to solidify what consumers are demanding from their real estate agent!

house icon


It is inevitable that every market has its share of short sales, foreclosures, and bank owned properties. These real estate owned (REO) properties usually need specialized servicing and support. We have developed an REO guide that helps our agents generate REO opportunities and helps them provide specialized services to these distressed properties. With our supporting relocation and referral department, we help position you as an expert when servicing REO clients and customers.


Details are everything! In the luxury market expectations are higher, therefore your presentation and quality of materials should match that! Whether you have been in the luxury market, or you’re brand new… we have the tools to help you stand out and get the job done {the luxurious way}.

We suggest taking this kit, writing a hand-written note {with the provided note card}, wrap it all up with the provided ribbon and mail it to the seller prior to your marketing presentation. This way, the sellers have a chance to touch, feel and see what you’re all about and you can dive into presentation once you are face-to-face.


We formulated the Luxury Kit to make sure you had everything you would need to make a lasting first impression with a luxury seller. Within each kit are the following items:

  • 9 x 12 Luxury Collection Blind Embossed Pocket Folder
  • Luxury Collection Silver Foil Notecard with envelope
  • Luxury Collection Letterhead Sheet
  • 8.5 x 11 Luxury Collection Consumer Booklet
  • 5 x 7 Luxury Collection Agent Kit Card
  • Soft Touch Black Presentation Cover Set
  • 5 x 7 Grand Reveal Invitation Card
  • 8.5 x 5.5 Postcard Sample (Ace)
  • Luxury Home Magazine
  • One piece of branded ribbon

Each piece has a role to play in your marketing presentation, both prior to your appointment and following! 


The Luxury Consumer Booklet is a piece catered directly to the luxury seller. It has very similar features to our Seller’s Guide, but highlights the additional benefits and marketing efforts performed when dealing with a luxury listing. This booklet is included within the Luxury Kit, so you’ll always be prepared for your marketing presentation when ordering the kit!

luxury collection real estate marketing materials black and white


Along with the printed collateral included in the Luxury Kit are hundreds of customizable templates on Marketing REsource. Items such as flyers, postcards, brochures and booklets can be created custom to the luxury home and printed professionally using Xpressdocs to make sure you are providing your luxury sellers the highest level of service!


Many companies use customer service as a benchmark to determine how well they perform. While many would agree this is a critical component of a business, we should strive to be better than average. The level of kindness exhibited by staff, demonstrations of going the extra mile, professionalism and a courteous nature are all customer service standards most businesses strive to meet. However, these basic standards are no longer differentiators. We challenge all business owners to start thinking differently. With changing consumer demands, we should all be striving to identify milestones, minimize and manage pain points and initiate periodic celebrations throughout the process that will create a memorable customer ‘experience’. Creating an experience as opposed to servicing a transaction will ensure a relationship with your customer that results in loyalty and retention.

That’s where the idea for our Buyer’s and Seller’s Kits came into play. We wanted to identify a way for our agents to provide a stellar customer experience for every single customer they serve.

smiling black woman in blazer


We’ve crafted a kit that allows you to celebrate the four main milestones your buyers hit when going through the home buying process. Starting with your first showing, then to the contract being submitted, getting through the inspections & appraisals and finally to the best part… closing day!


Similar to the buyer’s kit, we specified the six main milestones your sellers will go through when it comes to selling their home. Starting off with the Marketing Proposal and the inevitable signing, to the first showing, then to the contract being accepted, through the inspection & appraisal period and finally to closing day. Whether the closing day is a joyous one or here out of necessity, you can be sure to thank your sellers for allowing you on their journey with a gift and thank you card to show your gratitude.


When it comes to your real estate business, you are the star! Good thing you have a great partner like Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices to provide you a platform with a powerful brand presence and promise.


Unlike a spy movie, in real estate, you don’t want to be a secret agent. Announcing your career with Florida Properties Group in real estate is an important first step in building your business. We provide you with a new agent kit, complete with business cards, branded note cards,
and a name badge!

berkshire hathaway homeservices florida properties group new agent kit notecards name badge and business cards
camera icon


A professional headshot is crucial when it comes to marketing yourself and your business!

business card icon


If you have earned the prestigious Luxury Collection Specialist designation, you have access to purchase the Luxury Collection branded business cards.

real estate sign icon


You have the option to purchase additional sign riders when you need them for cases such as a luxury listing where we supply the sign and post installation.

tshirt icon


Whether you’re at the gym, out at the grocery store, or heading to a presentation you can be representing what you do and your brand in style. We have a website full of t-shirt designs in a variety of colors as well as in men’s and women’s styles with new designs being added! These shirts are all Bella + Canvas brand, which means they’re super soft and comfy.

file icon


Your real estate resume looks a little different than a traditional resume, and that’s okay! Show off your best attributes and name off all of your designations and certifications. This is the time to brag and put it all out there! Use the resume when meeting with new customers, whether buyers or sellers!

biography icon


Take the content of the resume a step further and create your own bio! We have a snazzy template you can use to make sure it looks great and some tips you can reference to help you write it out. You can include this in your marketing presentations or even copy and paste the content to your personal agent website!

white laptop icon


You’re a REALTOR®, not a web designer. No need to feel the pressure of creating and designing your own website, we’ve already done that for you!


Our CRM allows you set certain people in your database {or all of them!} up on a drip campaign – also known as an action plan. Plans range from birthdays to buyers.

laptop with house icon


You send a lot of emails. Like, A LOT of emails. Take advantage of this form of communication by including your custom Buyside AVM link within your email signature! Who knows who will click and find out what their home is worth – hello shiny new lead!


We have an awesome team of internal services to serve your customers including Title, Mortgage, Insurance and Home Warranty. Each service has a custom-made video and corresponding email content for you to send your customers. We wanted to make sure you had the resources available to you to serve your customers, whether a buyer or seller! 92% of consumers said they want to work with a brokerage that has everything under one roof. This is a fantastic way to solidify what consumers are demanding from their real estate agent!

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Social media is a fantastic way to promote yourself and let your friends know that you are a REALTOR®! We have created custom Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group photo frames for you to frame your profile photo!

photo and video icon


Truly engage with your audience by using any of the branded images we have for you in Marketing REsource!


When it comes to engaging with your audience, it’s the content that is king. Give them what they want all while marketing yourself! With us you have access to exclusive technology and resources, such as Adwerx Streaming TV commercials, video recording and editing software, and more! 


Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices has an entire database of professional video campaigns for you to use in your own marketing efforts! Hitting an array of audiences, you can cater to those who need to upgrade for more space, downsize or even purchase their very first home.


Whether you’re looking for an E-Card, E-Newsletter, mobile/desktop ad, or social media pieces, rest assured that Marketing REsource has all of these {and more} for you to customize to fit your digital marketing efforts!


You’ve got an “always-on” retargeting advertising campaign that ensures every single person who visits your national webpage is retargeted with an ad featuring YOU and your contact information.


You can have your very own personalized TV commercial for as little as $338/mo through our partnership with Adwerx! Stream on popular devices such as Fire TV Stick, Roku and Apple TV through providers like Hulu, sling and DirectTV Now! Streaming commercials get your brand and your name into the living room of your target audience without the challenges of traditional TV advertising.


Now more than ever, video and mobile are important elements to any effective real estate marketing strategy. We understand this completely and have teamed up with Videolicious to empower you with a way to create sophisticated videos … in only minutes!

female real estate agent taking photos of home for marketing purposes


You aren’t just “listing” a property for sale. No, no, no. You are MARKETING the property, trying to find that perfect match. Your property is competing against others in the marketplace, trying to earn that final rose like on The Bachelor. Lucky for you, we have a lot of ways for you to set up this match made in heaven. The next few pages will enlighten you on just how robust our toolbox truly is.

just listed real estate postcard


We will mail 50 just listed postcards to homes surrounding your listing at our expense to help you with your marketing efforts. You have the option to use the auto-generated postcard or make any changes you’d like to the content on the postcard! Another bonus, our partnership with Expresscopy allows you to customize a mailing list to who this postcard goes to!

real estate property marketing flyers


There’s nothing better than automation, especially when it makes you look good! With ACE, your Automated Creative Expert, you receive a Just Listed Flyer and a flyer for every stage in the life of the listing – Open House, Price Reduction and Sold! You can use the Just Listed flyer in the flyer box on the sign or within the home for guests to take during showings and open houses.

You can also go onto Marketing REsource to choose from one of the many designs to create your own property flyers. The possibilities are truly endless!

real estate social media posts on phones


Marketing your property on social media is crucial for getting more eyes on the listing! ACE automatically generates a social media graphic for you to share on your social media pages. Plus, you’ll receive a Facebook Ad for you to use if you would like to set up an ad campaign. {Facebook limits the amount of words on a paid ad, so that’s how the ad differs from the social media graphic.}

single property real estate website


Aside from the property website on your personal Florida Properties Group website, ACE creates a custom single property website for your listing. You can view analytics and share this easily through any of your marketing efforts. Bonus: this website automatically updates if you have any changes in price, description, or images.

real estate ecard email on phone


Send out an e-postcard to your database with the autogenerated email ACE creates for you! This email generates an image of the property and links to the property website so you can track who has clicked through and is interested!

real estate property video on laptop


ACE also provides you with TWO, yes two, videos to market your listing. One is branded to share on social media and include in other digital marketing efforts. The other is unbranded so you can use it in your MLS listing!


This indispensable new dashboard helps you easily promote your listings and review the accuracy of your marketing. Log in to and select the ‘Sellers and Listings’ tile on the main dashboard. The Active Listing Tools and Technology dashboard includes:

  • Custom Property Flyers
  • Single Property Websites
  • Just Listed Postcard Creation
  • Shareable posts for all social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Digital e-Flyers to email for quick and professional digital blasting to your contacts
  • Links to the listing on your agent website for your review
  • Links to your listing on for your review
  • Links to your Photo Slideshow Tours and any Video Tours uploaded to the MLS
  • Seller Reports
  • Property Detail Reports showing all property activity your new listing
Video icon


Impress your sellers with a 3D tour using Matterport’s technology. You have access to the camera and for a nominal fee you can have a 3D tour of the home produced and hosted online for potential buyers to see!

Bulk mail icon cabernet


Expresscopy is the company we use to print your 50 complimentary Just Listed postcards. The fun doesn’t have to stop there, though! You can use Expresscopy to send out any of the postcards ACE automatically creates for you or even your own custom design! Something we love about Expresscopy is the ability to request custom marketing audiences so you can target specific zip codes or neighborhoods.

berkshire hathaway homeservices florida properties group yard sign with agent contact information


The O.G. of real estate advertising… the yard sign! We provide you with an initial order of personalized yard signs. You have the option to include your headshot or keep it simple with no photo – the choice is yours! These durable metal yard signs are portable so you can bring it with you to a marketing presentation and stick it in the front yard once you get the listing signed {which is inevitable!}.


Show your sellers your commitment to fully market their home by hosting it open during our monthly Open House Showcase! To support the efforts of YOU, our legendary associates, we do a number of marketing activities to drive more traffic to you!

We feature a web banner on our homepage that directs consumers to all of the open houses available that weekend!

We promote each Open House Showcase on our company Facebook page, which includes an ad and scheduled content. We’ve even got custom Facebook profile frames AND cover photos you can download to help you promote the Open House Showcase!

We also have an Open House Showcase Featured Home Badge for you to incorporate into your marketing. 

  • Hundreds of other co-op/IDX Websites
  • Zillow
laptop with house icon


As a trusted real estate advisor, your customers turn to you for information on their home and how the market is performing around them. You can give them this information automatically through Market Watch! It provides relevant information on the market such as the number of homes for sale, the average list price, the number of homes sold, and the average sale price.

The biggest bonus for setting up Market Watch for your customers, whether a homeowner in that area or a buyer interested in the statistics on a given area, is that it is done through YOUR website – which means more SEO juice for you! Plus the emails are branded with your information and come from you.

email icon


This tool is a must as it answers the most important questions a Seller wants to know- what’s happening with my listing?! As the CEO of your business, you want to make sure you are delivering top-notch service to your customers. One way to give your seller the information they want is to set up the Manage My Listing email for them. This is a weekly automated email that comes directly from you and provides your seller a report of website activity for their home including a historical summary of monthly activity, a market activity report, listing updates summary and a detail of daily activity on the listing. The virtual showings noted within the report are stats from our Company website, your personal website and Zillow. Make sure to check the box to send yourself a copy of the weekly report too so you can stay well-versed in their home’s online activity.


Create excitement for your new listing and show your sellers how you get right to work when it comes to marketing their home for sale! A Coming Soon Listing through Buyside accomplishes this and then some. You can notify every Florida Properties Group agent that you have a listing coming soon before it EVER hits MLS. Please note: be sure you have a signed exclusive first. Think about your seller’s home hitting the inbox of nearly 800 agents all while allowing you to complete other preparatory items at the same time – talk about a WIN-WIN!

white bell icon


Creating a Listing Alert in Buyside is basically for your listing! How so? It’s reverse prospecting at its finest. Your fellow agents who have buyers get matched with the criteria of the home you are marketing. This way you can connect with a familiar face and get their buyers into your sellers home as soon as possible with the hope that it’s a perfect match! Talk about a serious advantage when it comes to marketing a home.



adwerx real estate targeted advertising ads on phone tablet and desktop computer


Make your listing follow them everywhere. Together, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Adwerx make digital advertising brilliantly simple for every single network member. Win more listings, drive more referrals and stay top-of-mind with the people who matter most to YOUR business.


Keep your seller up-to-date on how their home’s ad is performing online with the automatic Adwerx report email! All you have to do is enter the seller’s email address into Dotloop and the rest is taken care of for you!


To help you win more listings, there’s a handy-dandy video that explains the power of Adwerx. It’s consumer-focused, so your seller can see how this will benefit them. Boom, listing won!


Tampa Bay sees buyers from near and far with nearly 21% of the existing homes sold in our market purchased by foreign buyers. Our global connections in both print and digital avenues serve you with the highest and best visibility. There’s a few extra goodies available to you when it comes to marketing a luxury property because they need a little bit more attention for that higher commission check you earn at the end.

bulk mail icon


Dozens of luxury templates are available for you to customize for your luxury listing including flyers, brochures, and ecards to name a few! Any piece that can be printed is available for you to download as a PDF and print in your office or send over to Xpressdocs to print professionally for you!

photo and video icon


The Marketing Team provides a custom Just Listed and Just Sold social media graphic for you to use on your own social media pages.

tablet icon


The Marketing Team creates a monthly group post of our recently listed and recently sold luxury properties and post onto our company Facebook page. This allows for maximum exposure as multiple agents are tagged/featured on this post.

email icon


The Marketing Team creates a monthly co-broker newsletter with recently listed luxury properties.


Each luxury property will receive a company provided yard sign with the main brokerage phone number on it. This sign is ordered and installed by Frames and Things. We highly suggest you to purchase your own sign riders to be attached to the yard sign. You also have the option to purchase your own custom Luxury Yard Signs and have those installed instead of the company provided signs.

berkshire hathaway homeservices florida properties group luxury collection sign with post
luxury home magazine spread on coffee table with flowers


We invest in a one to two-page ad in Luxury Home Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine distributed to the Tampa Bay and Sarasota marketplace. There are 100,000+ readers each issue and 17,500+ magazines direct mailed to the area’s most influential residents including professional athletes, celebrities, CEO’s, dignitaries, and into targeted affluent households. 7,500+ magazines distributed to high-end venues and upscale businesses throughout the Greater Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.


Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Prestige Magazine, a UV soft-touch, coffee-table-quality publication for showcasing luxury and resort properties. Prestige Magazine is not only a first-class listing tool; it is also an effective medium for reaching a high-end audience with the means to make a luxury and/or resort home purchase.

The magazine will run in Unique Homes magazine, with circulation in bookstores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, it will be direct mailed to affluent U.S. consumers, including individuals with a net worth of $25 million or higher. Prestige will also be printed as a stand-alone magazine. This stand-alone version will be distributed in domestic and international airline lounges as well as Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices affiliate offices nationwide. The magazine will also be sent to all Luxury Collection Specialists and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices marketing directors, any one of whom may have contact with potential buyers interested in making a luxury or resort home purchase. Both the print and digital edition of Prestige Magazine will be available.



The world’s a big place and, for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ global listing syndication, we will be where the action is. We frequently evaluate our syndication alliances and geographic targets to place network listings in front of the greatest number of high-net-worth consumers seeking homes in the U.S.



Every single listing is syndicated to The Wall Street Journal’s website and its international sites, Europe, Asia and


Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network listings appear before the highly affluent audience following the Financial Times of London:


Reserved for properties valued at over $1 Million, provides its high net worth audience the ability to search luxury listings for sale around the world. Mansion Global is part of Barron’s Group, which comprises publications including Barron’s magazine, MarketWatch and Financial News.


Listings also appear on both sides of China’s Great Firewall through, China’s largest international property portal attracting more than 2 million affluent Chinese consumers monthly.


We have an aggressive strategy for attracting home buyers to our listings. By distributing your listing information, along with photographs, to a wide array of premier consumer web sites, we make sure that we maximize every opportunity to attract qualified buyers to the table. All listings are presented on more than 70 websites worldwide, in 37 countries, across 5 continents.

AOL Real Estate




Craigslist is optional










Harmon Homes

Homes By Lender



HUD Seeker

IAS Properties









Mansion Global WeChat Channel



New Home Source (Real Estate Section)


Owner choice

PENTA (Financial times, London)

Property Pursuit

Property Shark


RealQuest Express



The Real Estate Book




Vertical Brands


Wall Street Journal Global Network

WSJ Market Watch



The Tampa Bay Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is the second largest MSA in Florida and 19th nationally. The area attracts investors and businesses from around the nation and around the world. We are able to leverage our relationships and brand recognition to meet the needs and unique requirements that each commercial opportunity presents. Marketing a commercial property comes with a different set of tools and resources which our Commercial Division is well-versed in. Our team of support staff assist associates and customers by engaging the right tools and processes along the road from concept to contract to closing.


Similar to a CMA in the residential world, the Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) is imperative when trying to win and market a commercial listing. The Commercial Division has access to resources and tools to research and compile the data needed to make an impressive presentation to the property or business owner.

middle aged white man with beard compiling broker opinion of value for commercial real estate customer in office
group of professionals in dark office discussing commercial real estate


When it comes to marketing a commercial property, our support team works together with associates to create the perfect digital and print campaign to get the job done. Our support team will help to create a unique marketing strategy that includes online marketing, flyers, ecards, offering memorandums and good old fashion mailers, just to name a few. We also have a complete library of branded templates that can be customized for a targeted audience. On site signage is a must. The Commercial Division provides a highly visible 4’ x 4’ sign for each commercial property. Eye-catching custom signs and specialty signs are also available when a property deserves just a little bit more attention.


Having a listing is great and all, but you’ve gotta have buyers to close the deal! Learn how you can close BOTH ends of the deal – or at least work with another Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group agent to seal the deal.

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Buyside is a tool we cannot get enough of because of how powerful it truly is! When you enter your buyer(s) into Buyside, their home search criteria gets matched to other agents’ listings making it easier for you to get those buyers into their dream home!


Property Watch is the BEST way for you to share potential homes with buyers. Any other real estate agent can set up a buyer on an MLS email campaign. You can take it a step further by using Property Watch, which allows you to see which ones your buyers favorited. Buyers can even make notes and save the ones they loved the most! Extra bonus: this is all branded to you and keeps the buyers on YOUR website – hello SEO juice!


Customers can save their favorite properties, search preferences and receive push notifications. You can share your app with past, present and future clients via your own personalized text code and URL. ‘Share App’ button sends your app to social sites, text messages and emails.

Customers can SEARCH for a home:

  • Full IDX search capabilities
  • Map search
  • Refine search criteria
  • Search open houses and new listings
  • Receive push notifications


Your company-provided website is positioned to help generate business from all across the globe. You are notified by email whenever customers logon or register onto your personal website and best of all, you can track and monitor their activity to see which areas, home criteria, and properties they are interested in. Your ability to monitor your customer’s online activities allows you to never miss out on opportunities that your website generates and educates you with the knowledge of your buyer’s online activity.

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Are you looking to help your customers build wealth through investing in real estate? If so, we offer several services to help you fill the role of a trusted real estate advisor. We offer more than simple leasing and property management services. We are dedicated to expertly managing the valuable assets of large investors, first time landlords, and everyone in between.

Property management is a complex business. It takes training and skill to effectively manage investments for others. We offer a platform that provides complete training, business planning, coaching, and the ongoing support necessary to achieve the level of success you desire.

We are a Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC) certified by the National Association of Residential Property Managers. As company-wide decisions are made, the effects and benefits to our Property Managers are carefully considered. This unique business model provides a true bridge for the sales associate that wants to add management to their business plan. We have built a solid foundation for you to expertly care for your clients and to confidently fulfill that role as the sole provider of their real estate needs.

The Tampa Bay region offers sunshine, activities, and a wide range of investment opportunities for investors not only from this country, but from the rest of the world as well. We are prepared to help you assist them with all of their investment needs.

What we offer

Along with the legendary branding, marketing, technology, and resource of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group, our Property Management division has its own set of additional resources specific to managing residential assets.

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Professional Marketing Materials

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Postcards and Brochures

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Yard Signs

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Attorney-prepared Leases

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Professional Move-in and Move-Evaluations

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Pet Screening Tools

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Maintenance Dispatcher

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Fully Vetted Vendor List

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Cloud-Based Management Software

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Accounting Team

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