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What’s more meaningful to you? A text message from someone that says “Thanks so much for all you do!” OR a handwritten notecard sent to you with a few sentences thanking you for all you do?

While there is no right or wrong answer, we are a big fan of handwritten notes over here! In the real estate business as well as many other businesses out there, customer service and being personable are major key factors in getting referrals and creating a legendary experience for your customer. That’s why the art of the notecard is so important in any business and life!

At BHHS Florida Properties Group, we strongly believe in the Ninja Selling philosophy, which if you’ve never heard of this, it’s a “Relationships First, Transactions Second” mentality. It’s so important to tend to your relationship with your sphere of potential clients as well as your past customers to let them know you’re always there for them as their trusted advisor with all things real estate-related! As a buyer or a seller, finding a real estate agent is easy! Finding a real estate agent who truly has your best interest, will guide you through a transaction, and be a great communicator is not so easy. Reminding your social network, family, friends, former colleagues, etc. that you are their trusted advisor aiming to make every experience a legendary one is how you get their attention.

Setting yourself apart from the competition is imperative in the real estate business. Why do you ask? The average person knows 12 licensed real estate agents. That’s 12 people that they already know and have somewhat of a relationship with. If you are 1 in 12, what are you doing to differentiate from the other 11 agents? A handwritten notecard is a perfect example of adding that personal touch!

I have a few examples of prompts for you to send to potential customers and past customers that I guarantee the majority of active real estate agents are not doing.

Potential customers (friends, past colleagues, family, neighbors, etc.) In this category, it’s important to not be “too salesy” this needs to come from the heart and be genuine. You’re just checking in, letting them know you’re thinking of them or wishing them a happy celebration!

  • Just Because
  • Happy Birthday
  • Holiday wishes

Past customers who you have either worked with assisted in buying or selling. This category is incredibly important. Whether they plan to ever move again or not, we can guarantee that they know someone planning to move at some point in their life. You can’t control whether people send you a referral or not but you can control the experience you shared with them, let’s make it a legendary one!

  • Home-iversary (the day they closed, sending them congrats and hello!)
  • Listing Appointments (post-appointment thanking them for their time and meeting with you)
  • Thank You (post-closing, a week or so later sending them a note thanking them for trusting you and being a great customer)

These are just a few topics you can reach out in your sphere of influence; you can get creative with it; the important part is differentiating yourself and creating a personal experience for your customers! If you practice this one strategy regularly, I guarantee you will see a positive difference in your business.

Olivia Hamilton

Olivia Hamilton

Olivia is southern hospitality wrapped in compassion. She is as sweet as she is fierce and never hesitates when others ask her for help. Aside from being a mega talented writer she also takes on all of our special projects and events as our Brand Strategist. She uses the education she got from Bama {she would insert a “Roll Tide” here} to help give our clients an authentic look at who we are. She’s a larger than life, laid back bundle of joy who is as genuine as they come.

Guide To Writing Notecards

A handwritten note is one of the best ways to stay in touch in a memorable way. In the real estate business, as well as many other businesses out there, customer service and the customer experience are major, key factors in receiving referrals and future business. That’s why the art of the notecard is so important in any business and life!

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