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Is Real Estate Right For Me?

I’ve always heard people say to other people who seem to be outgoing “Oh wow! You have such an outgoing personality; you would do great work in real estate!” For years, I thought that meant that you really have to be an extrovert, super talkative, and outgoing to “make it” in real estate. I realize now, that’s not entirely true.

While, yes talking to strangers, negotiating, networking, cold calling, being personal, and having good customer service is all important as a real estate agent, there truly is more to it! Every single individual has strengths and weaknesses- whether that be certain skills, personality traits, or different confidence levels. This is natural, it’s what makes us human and DIFFERENT!

Real estate is a career that brings challenges to the table that often need resolutions. Some people look at a challenge as a good thing and some people look at a challenge as a bad thing. Are you good at solving problems? If your answer was yes, then you’ll probably do great in real estate. Are you a driven person with goals? If your answer was yes, then you’ll probably do great in real estate. Are your goals in your client’s best interest? If your answer was yes, then you’ll probably do great in real estate. Are you truly listening to your customer and their wants and needs? If your answer was yes, then you’ll probably do great in real estate. And last but not least, do you have a passion for helping people? If your answer was yes, then you’ll probably do great in real estate.

Now with all of that being said, there are a few things that must be taken seriously and practiced regularly if you want to make it far in real estate. First and foremost, HONESTY… people want to work with people they trust. If they don’t trust you, you can kiss that customer goodbye! Secondly, quality customer service… be nice! Customers don’t work in and out of real estate deals daily as you do. Explaining things that may be “simple” to you and informing them on the basics can make or break their experience with you. Treating clients with respect and being kind is absolutely vital in this business. Remember, this is the business of relationships! Last but not least, always be their trusted real estate advisor. That means good communication, following up, being open and explaining what’s going on in every transaction, and truly being there for them… whatever that may be!

Let’s focus on less of “right brain vs left brain” or “introvert vs extrovert” or “type A personality vs type B personality” and more of… are you in this for the right reasons and are you willing to adapt? That’s what it’s all about! The type of personality you have may help you in certain scenarios, but at the end of the day, success comes from how you overcome your weaknesses and work through problems. If you’re a go-getter, with a passion for helping people and are willing to never stop learning… I think you just found your dream career! Let’s chat & get you set up for success 😊

Olivia Hamilton

Olivia Hamilton

Olivia is southern hospitality wrapped in compassion. She is as sweet as she is fierce and never hesitates when others ask her for help. Aside from being a mega talented writer she also takes on all of our special projects and events as our Brand Strategist. She uses the education she got from Bama {she would insert a “Roll Tide” here} to help give our clients an authentic look at who we are. She’s a larger than life, laid back bundle of joy who is as genuine as they come.

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