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Many companies use customer service as a benchmark to determine how well they perform. While many would agree this is a critical component of a business, we should strive to be better than average. The level of kindness exhibited by staff, demonstrations of going the extra mile, professionalism and a courteous nature are all customer service standards most businesses strive to meet. However, these basic standards are no longer differentiators. We challenge all business owners to start thinking differently. With changing consumer demands, we should all be striving to identify milestones, minimize and manage pain points and initiate periodic celebrations throughout the process that will create a memorable customer ‘experience’. Creating an experience as opposed to servicing a transaction will ensure a relationship with your customer that results in loyalty and retention.

That’s where the idea for our Buyer’s and Seller’s Kits came into play. We wanted to identify a way for our agents to provide a stellar customer experience for every single customer they serve.

Buyer’s Kits

We’ve crafted a kit that allows you to celebrate the four main milestones your buyers hit when going through the home buying process. Starting with your first showing, then to the contract being submitted, getting through the inspections & appraisals and finally to the best part… closing day!

Seller’s Kits

Similar to the buyer’s kit, we specified the six main milestones your sellers will go through when it comes to selling their home. Starting off with the Marketing Proposal and the inevitable signing, to the first showing, then to the contract being accepted, through the inspection & appraisal period and finally to closing day. Whether the closing day is a joyous one or here out of necessity, you can be sure to thank your sellers for allowing you on their journey with a gift and thank you card to show your gratitude.

Other Ideas

If you don’t have a pre-package kit at your disposal, here are a few questions to ask yourself to put together your own “kit” and get the ball rolling.

  • What can I celebrate with my customer?
  • What milestones are there and should I communicate at each one?
  • What pain points can I make easier or less painful?

As for what to put into the kit, you have so many options but here’s a few we think you’ll find useful.

  • Partner with a local bakery to deliver treats for a first showing (sellers)
  • Branded note cards to write in
  • Promotional “gift” that keeps on giving

It’s not a one-and-done deal

Whether you choose to use a pre-packaged kit or you have your own experience you have created, you must do it for each and every customer. Why? If you give customer A an amazing experience and they refer you customer B because of how you do business, how will customer B feel if they don’t get the same treatment? So be sure that whatever is included in your customer experience is something that can be duplicated and does not become too costly.

Christie Clark

Christie Clark

Christie is a spicy red-head (naturally) with a heart-warming smile and a magnetic personality. She’s patient with people and brilliant in her skill. Christie has this talent for making everything she touches just better. As our Creative Design Strategist, Christie uses her talents for design and creativity to make sure the world gets to see us in a really special way. Christie is pure creative genius packaged in a sweet, loyal and bold teammate.

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